Smart User Experience
As rising technologies keep sprouting everywhere, user experience has never been as vital as product developers are keeping tabs with customer interactions and perceptions within the product they are developing. Engaging them to a steady stream of content that matters. This is where Smart UI comes in – user interface could mean the success and failure of a project. We will be on our toes to give you the latest in user-centered design and applications.

Formerly a website of the International Workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web, we resolved to take on the responsibility of continuing the dispersal of valuable input on smart user interface development. It is about grasping the ins and outs of how the customers who operate or are going to work with your products. We should be aware of the context in which they can benefit from these to achieve the highest level of satisfaction .In order to achieve this, socio-demographic research is crucial along with usability testing and benchmarking.

We will explore all innovative solutions possible to address user experience in relation to product interface. We will feature products and start-up companies that strive to make it work to heighten their user experience. It is essential that visual and interaction ideas are interlaced to satisfy the needs of your target users. We always welcome contributions and we anticipate your interaction with us. Interact with us by going to our contact page and will try our best to address your concerns.