Capturing Gamers’ Attention Through User Interface

games and user interface

When we talk about user interface, those that have an idea of it will instantly think of a clutter-free website. Drop-down menus, pop-ups, hover options, and all the other elements necessary to reduce the effort of viewers are what comes to mind.

However, let’s take it a bit further and talk about games and user-interface.

Easy, Simple, yet Addictive

These three words are what made King Digital made millions over the course of their venture into the gaming industry. You may know the company for their ever popular Candy Crush that has took hold millions of people worldwide. The game has captivated individuals of all ages from children to the elderly.

And the very reason that this is so is that King Digital has managed to shot the bull right between the eyes. Their bullet? User-interface.

What made the game so popular is not that it was easy to play. It’s because of the ease to play it. Don’t get me wrong, get to the higher levels and it gets frustrating, believe me. The ease that we’re referring to is how minimal an action would take for game mechanics to come into effect. You drag a piece of candy to one side, paired it with two others, it pops, and the others on top falls down. Repeat until you complete the level.

The simplicity of it is what makes it so captivating.

Change the Interface as Little as Possible

In our early article, we’ve mentioned that in order for a site to develop loyal and avid viewers, you must cater to all devices that can access your webpage. The difference of interface between a PC and a tablet shouldn’t be that much of a stretch. This also holds true when it comes to gaming. King Digital’s games stay almost similar when you’re playing either it on a laptop or your phone.

Making changes to your web or game interface as little as you can creates a sense of familiarity and comfort. And that is imperative in increasing user experience. That’s what it boils down to when we talk about user-interface, really: positive user experience.

King Digital has followed this rule to the core and the result is another recent 15 percent surge in their income. But they aren’t the only one who’s adhering to these rules. Blizzard is also aware of this, and of course, has made their newest game Hearthstone available in tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

In the recent preview released by Blizzard, they’ve shown teasers of what Hearthstone would look like when played in smartphones. There are those out there who have already managed to squeeze the game into their phones but it’s quite clunky and doesn’t feel right.

With Blizzard’s new user-interface, the game would run smoother on this platform. They’ve made a few changes in order to fit everything in, but the overall layout of the game still remains the same. This change is why Hearthstone is considered one of the top games that expected to take mobile gaming by storm – if it hasn’t already.

This just shows the gravity of what user-interface can do for you, whether you’re working on improving web page or a game developer. Considering a user’s experience is a major foundation when creating a sleek and smooth user-interface.


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