Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic Web – 2009

Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic

Considering recent improvements in the social and semantics web area, resulted in the fact that we now have large sources of data made and posted on the Internet. Which consumers use every day. How is it possible to uses such a huge amount of data and to go through all of the at the same time. IT scientists have risen they voice saying this is an interesting field for development and research. That is why IUI2009 Workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic Web has a goal to bring together researchers and people who are interested in this subject. They will take a discussion regarding recent difficulties in designing, but they will also evaluate intelligent interface, as well as different types of contents published on social and semantics web.

semantic webMost of the scientist across the world are excited about this workshop. They all plan ideas and propositions on how to visualize data on the semantic web. Most of them use Relation Browser to visualize data on the Internet. But, they have discovered that there is a problem with this approach. On the other hand, if use Relation Browser and other tools that have similar construction, you will be made to use one node-centric view. Of course, it is important to focus on one node and see how it’s behaving in certain situations. But, as well is important to see the behavior of that very node in a much wider context.

IT experts who join this work show, will try to experiment with visualization of the graph of the data and try to implement new solutions. Also, there is a lot of talk about on how to visualize the provenance of data.

This workshop will take place in Florida and it will be the part of International Conference on Intelligent User Interface. Researchers from different fields of IT sector will have the opportunity to get together and discuss their ideas. They will be able to receive feedback on their opinion and their research papers