Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic Web – 2010

Social and the Semantic Web

The constant improvement and development of the social web have brought us a large volume of data, and what’s more interesting, consumers create and publish it. People cannot imagine how large the Internet is database. It consists of text, images, videos and posts that we can find on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Consumers not only can access this data through more traditional way, like computers, laptop, and desktop but also through mobile platforms, bringing unique content. But, now things have slightly change.

Social WebThe Internet has become so transparent and accessible, that now we receive data from third parties, without the previous consent of the owner.
Social Web is growing rapidly, and the Web itself has gone under large changes, we not don’t only have linked documents, but also linked data. When they combine all the data on the Internet, and when they used data from Social Web, developers have the ability to build an extraordinary visual interface, considering how much data they have in their hands.

Now IT developers can use a large amount of date from Social and Sematic Web, and that gives them the great challenge. They think about on how they are going to navigate through all of that and how to use that data in the best possible sense. On the other hand, the purpose of intelligent and human interface consisted of data keeps up to evolve and now it is not only limited to the reaching and browsing, even though they might seem so important. As the Web continues to be so enlarged with data, we now have the evolution from reading to writing. Everyone have an important role in this process, from people who are engaged in this sector, like IT developer, to people who write their posts on Social Web.

Social Web semantic

This workshop will take place in Hong Kong, and it has a task to bring everyone together in sharing their thoughts and ideas. They will deal with challenges in designing and evaluating intelligent interface. Also, the researchers will have the opportunity to connect with other experts and make a possible collaboration.