Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic Web – 2011


The third international workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and the Semantic Web will take place in Paolo Alto. The contesters of this workshop will be asked to bring their innovative ideas, as well as their papers on which they can receive feedback. The main point of this workshop is to gather the people from similar areas of IT industry so they can state their opinion and possibly contribute to their ideas and innovation. Considering how The Web is changing with the lighting speed. IT developers and people with similar preferences on this conference will also have an opportunity to make a future collaboration.

Social Web is developingThe outline of the Social Web is developing on a daily basis, considering how many consumers use it to post every day. We now have large amounts of data, and in a direct way, consumers are responsible for this change. Internet database has become so huge, that regular people can’t even imagine it. Among the texts, videos, and pictures, we now have a post that people write on social networks, like Facebook. Before we had more traditional ways to access this data, like laptops and desktop computer, now the most popular mean is a mobile platform. People use cell phones and tablets on a daily basis because they are more convenient, easily managed and you can install almost every program/application on them.

In some way people have become addicted to the Internet, they spend too much time online, so everything has become accessible. There is so many information, and some of them are rewritten without the permission of the owner.

The most challenging work for IT developers is that they can use a large volume of data. They find different ways on how to navigate through all that. Intelligent and human interface evolves every day, and we don’t have reading and browsing nowadays, as much as this might seem important. People seek the information, realizing it’s a powerful source. So we transformed from writing to reading. Not only IT developers have a big role in this, but also the regular people who are shaping the look of the Web.