Google’s New Adsense Interface: More User or Google Friendly?

Google’s products can be a hit or miss on usability especially for those who have little experience coding or developing. To the horror of many publishers, in the beginning of 2017 Adsense users logged in to find out they had been opted into the new user interface. While Google says that 90% opted in on their own and stayed with the new interface because it is much easier there is always the lone wolf requesting the old again.

The only reason for this could be that some people just hate change because the new interface is about a thousand times easier to set up and navigate. Moreover, the Google Adsense app has enabled publishers to access information easily, on the go, from anywhere in the world. Before the new interface changes it was almost impossible to access all the Adsense options unless sitting in front of a desktop.

The new Google interface makes it easier for publishers to view a quick summary of their account that include the estimated earnings, page views, as well as RPM. The report to view your entire account by the performance by day is also easily adjustable.

The ultimate goal with the sweeping changes taking place at Google is to make the user experience better for webmasters, publishers, and those using the search engine. This is being done by making the platform as a whole faster and easier to navigate. For instance, by utilizing the responsive web designs offered by google it should improve the usability of Google Adsense.

All of these metrics are now easier to find and follow. Another new awesome feature offered is that publishers can now group their reports by content type. It is now easier than ever to apply for and then connect your Adsense account with analytics while keeping your site optimized for success.

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