The ultimate trends for UI

The ultimate trends for UI

There are a lot of elements that inspire UI, such as music widgets, weathercast, calendars and much more. The most important thing is that app design has kept its simplicity. We are going to present you the latest trends in UI, of course, we haven’ forgotten web interface for the desktop. The criteria have changed over the time; people set up trends so fast, and they don’t last too long. So in not so distant future these elements will be one of the most important and the one which will determine the market.

The concept of animation

The video has become so popular in the recent year, considering we all live in extremely fast times. It means that videos will become even more popular in the future. Now Facebook has implemented this strategy; we now have more videos which are played once we are on our timeline; we don’t even have to click on them. The animated GIFs will get a need addition a 4th dimension.

Apple Aqua

Apple AquaThis visual theme was first introduced to the public in 2000. This is a graphical users interface of IOS X. Through the years it has gone through so many changes but is some sense it has kept its original look. The main theme for the GUI is water, same as the name suggests. With an addition of reflection and translucency, the most appealing element here are drupelets of water. Even though this designing is so plane, it is its simplicity that kept users so interested and keen on using it.

Funky Forest

It was first launched in 2007, and it was mainly intended for children. Visual interface allows its consumers to make trees. Also they can use water and transformed it to a waterfall to keep trees alive. If the trees are healthy, the forest will be healthy as well together with the animals living inside. This application has simple scenes and mildly rounded corners for better appeal.


This is a new and futuristic UI that takes users to another level. In here, you are not only able to touch the screen, but the screen can also touch you back. Users have the ability to shape the design based on their needs. For example, when you are talking over the Skype, you will be able to hold hand hands and high fives. In the same time, it can display shapes as well as lights.



This is a very exciting UI, and it was developed at MIT lab. The main idea here is the transparent screen, which can track movement through various sensors. With SpaceTop users can go behind a screen and manipulate objects.

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