User Interface: Impact on Developing Loyal Visitors

user interface

When someone asks you what makes you a loyal customer to a certain store, what do you tend to answer? Quality of service, the food they serve, the place’s ambiance, and so on, right? You wouldn’t want to hang out in a shabby place whose service doesn’t equal the amount of money you pay them?

This is similar to when we visit a website. The quality of service is how easy it is to navigate your site. Your cuisine is your content. The place’s ambiance is your site’s overall design and user-interface. Let’s focus on the last one.

First, what exactly is a user-interface?

To sum it up briefly, user-interface, or UI, can be define as the visitor’s whole experience in the site, including, but not limited to: graphic design, page layout, site’s content, site’s loading time, and many others.
UI is one of the major foundations that can help a site gain loyal customers. It’s the key to making a visitor stay and return to your website.

So how do you exactly achieve this?

Can a new aspiring website make it big in the internet by creating a great UI? Yes, it can. How, you ask? Well, let’s list some of those things below:

• Do not waste time – nobody likes it and it creates an instant distrust. Instead make your website as user-friendly as possible. Design it so that in a few clicks your visitors will find what they’re looking for. Remember: fewer clicks mean lesser time and effort.
• Color – make sure the color of your site is captivating and soothing at the same time. Think of Facebook and Twitter. You only see two colors when visiting those sites: blue and white. That’s it. It’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t impose a lot of shade to their users.
• More visual, less texts – people tend to get intimidated when they see blocks of text. So stay away from them. If you can make your site more visual, like using icons to represent certain things, then do it. Drop-down menus, hover options, and pop-up boxes are also a great way to increase positive viewer experience.

Content versus interface

The interface should go hand in hand with the site’s content. The interface should subtly direct your visitors to your content where you will lure them further in. See it like a tunnel, the deeper they dive in your website, the longer they’ll spend in it, and the longer they spend time in there means that your interface is working.
Also, the path towards your content shouldn’t yell. It should be inviting, teasing, playing on the natural curiosity of people.

But do not be too limiting. Make sure your site is as user-friendly to PC users as much as to the mobile users and other devices that can access your site.

Catering to all devices is crucial in developing trust to your viewers, turning them from new visitors to avid, loyal customers that will return time and again because of your simple user interface and the quality of service that it provides.

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